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My love for sports led me to fitness.  I was ahead of my class in high school and throughout my collegiate years playing Basketball .  I've achieved almost every milestone you could in sports, e.g., 2nd time leading scorer in eastern pa.  My college athletic years came to an end but my drive was just beginning. My love for sports transferred into the study of science behind sports and I earned my certification which broadened my horizons into the fitness world.  I now own a fitness company that teaches the ins & outs from a mental to physical standpoint when it comes to fitness.  My knowledge, consistency, and my style of training  ran me right in a life changing opportunity, becoming the General Manager of

365 Fitness & boxing Loft.


Derek Vinson

I am 28 years young with a drive and passion to help others succeed.


I have been training since the age of 15, teaching martial arts since the age of 20, and became a certified Personal Trainer August 2020.


My motto is...  “I aspire to inspire, until I expire!”

Be ABOVE Average and push to be the best version

of yourself!



• NCSF Certified Trainer

• Martial Arts Instructor

• 3rd Degree Black belt

• Mood lifter 




I’m a professional personal trainer with 10yrs experience and 5 certifications. I am the king of results give me your time I’ll give you your body.  Helping people get results is my passion because I love what I do



• Fitness trainer

• Strength and conditioning

• Nutrition

• Fitness therapy


"In just 6 months of training with Bryce I lost 38 pounds"


January 10, 2018

"Reaching my goal of 22% body fat was so easy with Bryce"


February 10, 2019

"I crossed the finish line on my first marathon"


March 10, 2020

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